Terry Griffin Memorial Scholarship

Serving on both the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the State Fair of Texas, Terry Griffin was instrumental in developing the Fair’s Youth Scholarship Program. He was the first Chairman of the State Fair Scholarship Committee, in addition to playing an active role in many civic and charitable organizations. The Terry Griffin Scholarship is awarded to two outstanding applicants – one current Pete Schenkel Scholarship recipient and one current Youth Livestock Scholarship recipient. Eligible students may apply during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Recipients will receive the Terry Griffin Scholarship starting the fall semester of their junior year. Scholarship eligibility is based strictly on GPA, as this particular opportunity is only available to the current Pete Schenkel Scholarship and Youth Livestock Scholarship recipients with the highest cumulative grade point average. Terry Griffin scholars will receive an additional $6,000 disbursed over two years starting the fall semester of their junior year. Assuming they are on track to graduate in four years (eight semesters), recipients will receive payments of $1,500 per semester in addition to their $750 for their remaining four semesters.

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$6,000 over two years (paid in $1,500 increments per semester)
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