State Fair of Texas Youth Livestock Scholarship

The State Fair of Texas awards scholarships to selected applicants who have participated in specific youth livestock competitive events held at the State Fair of Texas.

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. The Youth Livestock Scholarship is for current high school seniors who have participated in one or more of the following competitions:
1) Donkey & Mule Show, Youth Class
2) Horse Show: AHA, Youth Class
3) Horse Show: NCHA Cutting, Youth/Combined Class
4) Horse Show: Youth RSNC Ranch Sorting
5) Junior Llama Show
6) Junior TLBT Longhorn Cattle Show
7) Junior TLBT Longhorn Showmanship
8) National Youth Food Challenge Contest
9) Youth (4-H/FFA/FCCLA) Food Challenge Contest
10) Youth Agricultural Job Interview Contest
11) Youth Agricultural Public Speaking Contest
12) Youth Agricultural Science Fair
13) Youth Agriculture Mechanics Premier Exhibitor Sweepstakes
14) Youth Agriculture Mechanics Project Show and Tractor Restoration Contest
15) Youth Agriculture Product Identification Contest
16) Youth AgRobotics Contest
17) Youth Beef Skillathon Contest
18) Youth Breeding Beef Heifer Show
19) Youth Breeding Gilt Show
20) Youth Breeding Gilt Showmanship
21) Youth Breeding Goat Show
22) Youth Breeding Goat Showmanship
23) Youth Breeding Rabbit Show
24) Youth Breeding Sheep Show
25) Youth Breeding Sheep Showmanship
26) Youth Dairy Cattle Show
27) Youth Dairy Cattle Showmanship
28) Youth Dairy Goat Show
29) Youth Dairy Goat Showmanship
30) Youth Dairy Judging Contest
31) Youth Livestock Judging Contest
32) Youth Market Barrow Show
33) Youth Market Broiler Show
34) Youth Market Goat Show
35) Youth Market Lamb Show
36) Youth Market Steer Show
37) Youth Poultry Showmanship
38) Youth Prospect Steer Show
39) Youth Range and Pasture Plant Identification Contest
40) Youth Sheep Skillathon Contest
41) Youth Swine Skillathon Contest
42) Youth Wildlife Contest
43) Horse Show: 4-H 4X4 Chute Out
44) Horse Show: 5D Barrel Race, Youth Class

*All held at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Other events or Texas livestock shows do not qualify an applicant. *

2. Scholastic performance is important, with preference given to students ranking in the top 25% of their class.

3. Must graduate from a Texas high school during the year of application and plan to attend an accredited college or university in the state of Texas. Applicants must be enrolling in an agricultural-related curriculum.

4. Failure to answer all questions and supply all supporting data will reduce your chances for scholarship consideration.

Recipients receive a $6,000 grant, renewable in $1,500 annual increments if the student meets the criteria for renewal. Payments of $750 per semester will be sent directly to the college or university on the student’s behalf.

Recipients must enroll in a minimum of 12 hours for the fall 2017 term.

In order to qualify for scholarship renewal, recipients must enroll in, and pass, a minimum of 12 hours each semester. In addition, recipients must achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA their first semester and a 3.0 cumulative GPA for every semester thereafter. Renewals will not be made for more than four years total or past undergraduate graduation.

$6,000 over 4 years (paid in $750 increments per semester)